Our Environment

Traverse City Light & Power is committed to being good environmental stewards. We perform all of our activities in the most environmentally conscious manner and support other community agencies that have the same mission.

One of the ways L&P supports our environment is through investing in renewable energy. L&P was the first utility in the state to construct a wind turbine in 1996 and to this day we continue to invest in clean, renewable energy. More information on L&P's renewable energy portfolio.

Another way L&P supports our environment is through aggressive energy efficiency and conservation programs. L&P offers a variety of energy saving incentives for both residential and commercial customers.  More information on L&P’s energy efficiency programs

L&P has also partnered with Traverse Area Recreational and Transportation Trails, Inc. to provide a network of trails, bikeways and pedestrian ways. These trails allow individuals to walk, run or bike around the city instead of always using a vehicle.

L&P continues to seek out additional ways to better the place we live by being good environmental stewards.

[Last Updated: 4/27/2021 4:36:59 PM]