L&P Leading the Way In LED
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June 13, 2011


Contact:  Jim Cooper, Manager of Communications & Energy Services

    Traverse City Light & Power

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L&P Leading the Way In LED


(Traverse City, Michigan) — Traverse City is saving energy and money thanks to the installation of over 700 new Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights. The new black sky compliant LED lights, which are courtesy of Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) and a $250,000 Michigan Energy Efficiency Block Grant, have replaced some of the city’s traditional lighting in a variety of applications.

L&P originally planned to replace 205 street lights, 100 intersection or pedestrian lights and 50 building or wall pack lights, but because of lower than excepted bid prices, L&P was able to purchase and install 342 street lights, 313 pedestrian lights and 50 building lights – 705 lights in all.

The LED replacement street lights were installed in downtown areas and along the parkway, while the LED pedestrian lights replaced the high-pressure sodium lights used in the gooseneck-style lights and are located over sidewalks in the neighborhoods and in the downtown and farmer’s market areas. Several Traverse City school buildings were the recipients of the new LED building lights.

In converting to the new LED lights, the city will save a total of 463,618 kilowatt hours each year – the equivalent to powering over 77 homes for a full year and reducing coal generating plant CO2 emissions by 706,273* pounds per year. 

The project began in February 2010, when L&P received the grant, which provided for 80% of the purchase costs of the LED lights. L&P was required to match 20% of purchase costs and complete all installations. Block Grant funds were received by the State of Michigan and distributed through the Michigan Public Service Commission.  L&P was one of two municipal electric utilities to receive the maximum grant amount.

Total project expenses, including the lights and installation, came to $450,267. The state will reimburse $250,000 of this; while L&P will cover the remaining grant matching and installation expenses. 

            Traverse City Light & Power (www.tclp.org) is a community-owned, community focused municipal utility that offers reliable energy at competitive rates in the region to over 11,000 customers in Traverse City, and parts of Blair, East Bay, Elmwood, Garfield, Peninsula and Paradise townships.



* This number was calculated using the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.


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