L&P Distributing Over $19,000 to Local Charities
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L&P Distributing Over $19,000 to Local Charities

Money Comes From Late Bill Payers


(Traverse City, Michigan) — At the last Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) Board meeting (December 14), $19,230 was approved to be distributed equally among the Father Fred Foundation, Love INC, the Salvation Army and the Northwest Michigan Human Services Agency. The funds are derived from L&P’s “red tag” warning program of possible service termination. The red tag program results in a fee being charged to those customers who are facing the final step to collect an overdue bill after two previously mailed notices have not been responded to by those customers.

            “As the board has done for many years, we are distributing these monies to agencies that regularly help local citizens facing shut-off of their power due to non-payment of their electric bill,” said Mike Coco, L&P Board Chairman. “We know these contributions have been helpful over the years and we are confident the money will be well spent.”

            Since 1996, when L&P implemented the red tag fee, L&P has distributed over $141,030 to area agencies.


            According to L&P, one of the reasons the red tag fee was instituted was to discourage the practice by some customers of not paying their bill until someone from the utility showed up at their door to collect. L&P has employees who work to assist customers with payment options in order to make it easier for them to pay their monthly utility bill.

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