Plan Recommends L&P Generate Power with Biomass & Gas
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Plan Recommends L&P Generate Power with Biomass & Gas


(Traverse City, Michigan) — As part of its process for choosing the appropriate power generation resources for the future, the Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) Board of Directors began reviewing an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) they had commissioned over a year ago from R.W. Beck, an outside technical consulting firm, at last night’s (March 9) board meeting. The IRP is essentially a cost-based report presenting a 20-year comprehensive energy resource plan to meet L&P’s projected power requirements. It includes recommendations “based on the objectives of balancing cost, risk and reliability for customers in light of the significant uncertainties that exist in the energy industry.”


            While the IRP presents three different future power generation scenarios, an optimal resource mix described includes “existing coal, gas, and renewables capacity, along with additional gas-fired and biomass generation capacity.” The overall recommendation suggests “TCLP is projected to achieve lower cost and greater certainty of cost with as much as 20–30 MW (megawatts) of biomass capacity to be brought online over 2015- 2026.”


            “The IRP took into account several future Light and Power goals,” said Ed Rice, Executive Director of L&P. “These goals included generating 30 percent of our electric power through renewable resources by 2020, preserving fuel diversity in power generation and balancing the risks associated with future fuel prices.”


            The entire IRP document is available for public review online at by clicking on the “30BY20” logo. The 138-page document is based on detailed computer modeling techniques and risk analysis, and includes energy efficiency programs, an expanded renewables program, the utilization of existing generation resources, and the development of new, local electric power generation.


Traverse City Light & Power is a community-owned, community-focused municipal utility that offers energy at low rates in the region to over 11,000 customers in Traverse City, and parts of Blair, East Bay, Elmwood, Garfield, Peninsula and Paradise townships.


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