Hickory Meadows Revised Access - West Transmission Line Upgrade
[Last Updated: 7/17/2015 11:31:48 AM]

Transmission Line ROW Access Revision - Hickory Meadows

Following discussions between TCL&P staff, GRP Engineering, the Joint Recreation Authority Board and representatives of the Hickory Meadows Advisory Committee and the GT Conservation District, the transmission line access point within the Hickory Meadows portion of the project has been revised.  All parties concurred that accessing through an existing gate off of Randolph Street onto an established two-track would help minimize the impacts of the project within the Hickory Meadows area. The following was identified as key reasons for the change:

  • Eliminates the need for any matting or clearing in the wetland area. Matting will be installed along the new access route next to the existing footbridge by CC Power for their equipment and material to avoid adverse impact to the bridge. The footprint of the tree contractor's equipment is much lighter so they will utilize the existing footbridge for crossing.
  • Preserves the native vegetation in the wetland area that currently provides a visual block of the transmission line corridor west of the trail crossing.
  • Removes the need for 250 feet of earth work in the steep slope area of the transmission line corridor to the west of the wetland whereby eliminating concerns with soil erosion and site restoration.

The revised access point will be utilized for clearing and construction purposes along the transmission line corridor from the wetland area/trail crossing to the easterly extent of the easement within the Meadows. Equipment access is planned as one-trip into the corridor and one-trip out for the mechanical tree clearing equipment and utility installation equipment with the exception of rolling the wheeled pole dolly across the route with each pole (approx. 6), and daily access with a side-by-side utility vehicle and/or a pickup truck. 

Once the project is complete, restoration will be done to return the disturbed areas back to original conditions or better. This will include raking, seeding and mulch with seed mix as specified by the Recreational Authority.

Click here to view a map of the revised access.



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