Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Program
[Last Updated: 3/4/2013 10:53:02 AM]

Do you want to increase energy efficiency in your home, which could reduce your utility bills, but do not know where to begin or have the money to make the improvements? Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) just announced a pilot program that would allow customers to increase energy efficiency in their homes at no cost. Both homeowners and renters are able to participate in the program, although renters must receive approval from their landlord to participate.


TCL&P’s Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Pilot Program allows customers to:

·         Have an in-depth energy assessment performed by Michigan Energy Options (MEO), a qualified contractor, through the TC Saves program. Typically there is a $100 sign-up fee to participate in TC Saves, but if you qualify TCL&P will cover the $100 fee.

·         MEO will install electric and natural gas energy saving measures such as compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, programmable thermostat, high-efficiency shower head, water heater insulation and pipe wrap.

·         TCL&P customers will receive a report of MEO’s findings and recommendations for ways they can save energy and money.

·         TCL&P will assist customers who own their home in making the electric energy efficiency upgrades by providing an allowance of $1,000 to implement the most needed upgrades as recommended by MEO.

·         For TCL&P customers who rent, the landlord will be required to pay for 50% of the suggested upgrades and TCL&P will cover the remaining 50% with a cap of $500.


For TCL&P customers to qualify for this program, they must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and live within the Traverse City city limits. There are no catches and no out of pocket expenses for customers to participate in the pilot program.


Interested? Act quickly because customers need to be income qualified and signed up by March 31, 2013 to participate. Funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis.


To sign-up or begin the income qualification process, call 231-714-4633.

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