Annual Tree Trimming Program to Begin April 16th
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April 10, 2012


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L&P’s Annual Tree Trimming Program to Begin April 16th


(Traverse City, Michigan) — As part of its ongoing mission to provide safe and reliable power to the residents and businesses of Traverse City, Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) will commence its annual tree trimming program in select parts of the city beginning April 16.

Following established arboreal trimming practices and the City of Traverse City Charter trimming standards (Chapter 1028), L&P each year conducts tree trimming to protect against potential power interruption problems and safety concerns that could arise when tree limbs or branches come in contact with electrical lines.   

            Each year, L&P trims different sections of its service area. This year’s tree trimming will take place in the following areas:

·       Between Madison Street and Union Street, south of Third Street and north of Seventh Street;

·       Between Division Street and Lake Avenue, south of Seventh Street and north of Fourteenth Street;

·       Cass Road, south of Fourteenth Street, to South Airport Road;

·       Between Woodmere Avenue and Fair Street, south of Webster Street and north of Boyd Avenue;

·       Between Fair Street and East Bay Boulevard, south of East Front Street and north of Hannah Avenue. 

Additional trimming may also be conducted in close-by areas, depending on the electric line route. Residents could also witness tree trimming in other parts of the city in response to customer requests not related to the formal trimming schedule. A map of the selected trimming areas can be found at the bottom of this page.

L&P will notify residents in the tree trimming areas with a door tag prior to beginning work. Residents can expect to see bucket trucks, ropes and rigging in the areas where tree trimming is taking place.

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Click here to view the map of the selected tree trimming areas.

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