Residential Rates

Residential service is available to single family residences and individually metered dwelling units in mobile home courts, apartment buildings, condominiums and multiple dwelling units.

Besides the regular residential household rates, which include hot water heating and electric space heating, there are special rates for senior citizens and customers who are dependent on life support systems. Upon request, our customer service representative will analyze your energy requirements and apply the rate that is best for you. All rates are subject to TCL&P’s fuel power cost adjustment.

To qualify for the Senior Citizen Rate, the customer must be 62 years of age or older and head of household. If you meet those requirements, please download the Senior Rate Application here and follow the instructions

Rates descriptions are below:

Residential Service Rates (PDF 10KB)

Residential Senior Citizen Service Rates (PDF 10KB)

Residential Life Support Rates (PDF 10KB)

Power Service Cost Recovery (PDF 10KB)