Community Solar

Want to invest in solar energy but cannot put it on your home or business, or cannot afford the upfront cost? Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P), in partnership with Cherryland Electric Cooperative (Cherryland), is proud to offer the Solar Up North (SUN) Alliance program. The SUN Alliance provides an opportunity to all customers from both utilities the ability to participate in a Community Solar Garden. Customers can purchase a SUN share(s) and receive a monthly bill credit for their share(s) output without the risk and maintenance costs involved with owning their own solar array. The 224 panel solar array is located at the Cherryland headquarters in Grawn (5930 US 31 South).


Customers can purchase a SUN share(s) for a one time investment of $470.00 each. All customers will receive a $75.00 Energy Optimization (EO) rebate per panel. This will come in the form of a check after the Solar Energy Credit Purchase Agreement has been signed and your share(s) have been paid for. It is estimated that customers can expect an average bill credit of $2.00 per month. This amount will be based on total monthly array output and will naturally vary based on weather conditions.

Initial SUN share cost (per panel) $470.00
EO rebate (per panel)                ($  75.00)
Final cost (per panel)               $395.00


Ready to sign up? Please complete the advanced Reservation Application. Submitting this application is the first step in the process and indicates your intention to purchase SUN share(s). This application document is not a binding contract; it is simply a way to reserve your shares and help us better track the current demand for the project.



Interested in installing your own solar energy system on your house or business? Check out TCL&P's Net Metering Program Here