East Side Transmission

This project refers to a proposed new substation in the Hammond/Four Mile Road area along with upgrading an existing transmission line on Four Mile Road.

The upgrades will improve system reliability for L&P customers in East Bay Township and the regional transmission grid, including the L&P service area.

The East Side Transmission Project has been listed on L&P's Six Year Capital Improvements Plan since 2008 and has been approved by the L&P Board, Traverse City Planning Commission and Traverse City Commission.

The East Bay Planning Commission thoroughly considered L&P's proposal in public hearing on December 6, 2011 following proper public notice and ultimately approved the special land use and site plan, subject to the findings and conditions. L&P will now begin the design phase of the project.

If you have additional questions regarding the project please contact:

Ed Rice, L&P Executive Director
Email: erice@tclp.org
Phone: 231-922-4940

Leslie Couturier, East Bay Township Planning and Zoning
Email: lcouturier@eastbaytwp.org
Phone: 231-947-8681

East Side Transmission Project Approved by MISO