Distribution Circuit Rehabilitation Project

Traverse City Light & Power (L&P), and its contractor CC Power, will begin work in June 2012 on its distribution circuit rehabilitation project that will upgrade existing electrical facilities. The project is necessary to help maintain a high level of system reliability, while ensuring employee and public safety.

L&P’s work will be focused in the area south of Eighth Street and north of Hammond Road, east of Woodmere Avenue and west of Garfield Avenue. L&P will initially begin work near Eighth Street and progressively work south towards Hammond Road.

Homeowners and businesses may see crews on their property during the term of the project. There are no unplanned outages expected during the course of the project.

This distribution circuit rehabilitation project is part of L&P’s annual circuit rehabilitation program. Over the course of the next several years, L&P will work to replace all the older electrical facilities throughout the service area to maintain a high level of electrical system reliability and employee and public safety.

To view a map of the project area, click here.