Meet the Board

To email all Board Members at once, send an email to: Board@tclp.org

Name Role Initial Appoitment Date Term End Email Phone
Jeff Palisin City Resident 04/01/2013 04/01/2018 jeffpc@normicind.com
Robert Spence III City Resident 05/07/2012 04/03/2017 bobspence@spencebrothers.com
Jan Geht City Resident 06/17/2013 04/07/2014 geht@traverselaw.com
John Taylor Vice-Chairman 05/03/2010 04/06/2015 john.a.taylor@gmail.com
Patrick McGuire Chairman 11/10/2011 04/04/2016 patmcguire.tc@gmail.com
Barbara Budros City Commissioner 11/10/2011 11/11/2013 bbudros2@ci.traverse-city.mi.us
Jim Carruthers City Commissioner 11/10/2008 11/11/2013 jccarruthers@gmail.com 231-922-7768
Jered Ottenwess City Manager Ex-Officio No Voting Authority jottenwess@traversecitymi.gov 231-922-4440