Energy Audits

Save money and electricity with a FREE Commercial Energy/Lighting Analysis!

A Commercial Energy/Lighting Analysis from TCL&P includes an on-site walk-through of your workplace, examination of your electric bills and a written report of our findings. The report presents each of our recommendations in terms of installed costs, energy cost savings and simple payback.

Because our Energy/Lighting Analysis is FREE to our commercial customers, we encourage you to schedule one today.

Each Commercial Energy/Lighting Analysis report includes:

1. Illumination efficiency analysis. Since illumination often accounts for up to 50% of total energy costs for a business, it is important to evaluate the types of lighting and lighting technology at your workplace.

We can often suggest ways to lower your costs, improve lighting brightness/color quality for you and your employees and enhance the aesthetics of lighting fixtures.

Implementing task lighting instead of flood lighting or replacing old fluorescent bulbs with new ones that are easier on your workers’ eyes are among the suggestions we may make at this stage.

EXAMPLE: Replacing 100-watt incandescent bulbs with 26-watt fluorescent bulbs saves you 74 watts of energy each time it is used and is rated to last five to ten times longer (5,000 – 10,000 hours) than the incandescent bulb (1,000 hours). Although the 26-watt fluorescent bulb costs slightly more than the 100-watt incandescent bulb, payback is usually within 1 year.

2. Overall general electrical use evaluation. Observations and recommendations are gathered with an on-site walk-through of your workplace. We may identify aging equipment that should be replaced by Energy Star certified devices, simultaneous equipment operations that could be curtailed or timing/sensor solutions (such as sleep mode) to increase efficiency.

EXAMPLE: Installing a simple sensor could shut-off lights and fans in restrooms that are frequently unoccupied throughout the day. Adding a time delay would prevent unnecessary shut-offs during periods of frequent use.

3. Load profile analysis. By examining your monthly electric bills, monthly kilowatt-hour power requirements, overall building energy performance and peak-power demand times, we may be able to identify how and when electrical power could be lowered to increase efficiency.

To schedule a FREE Energy/Lighting Analysis for your business, contact us today! You’ll save money, improve indoor air quality and you’ll help reduce pollution resulting from the processes used to generate electricity produced from fossil fuels like coal.

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NOTE: Due to the many variable factors involved, Traverse City Light & Power cannot guarantee the cost or savings from the installation of equipment or adoption of practices recommended. Traverse City Light & Power assumes no responsibility or liability for the recommendations made or for any products or services purchased by customers.